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Bloggn is a gorgeous, full-featured Tumblr app. Through its intuitive UI, you can read other people’s blogs or maintain your own quickly and efficiently. It features Twitter and Facebook integration, full widescreen support, the use of multiple accounts and a whole lot more. So, just read through the next few pages and learn why you’ll love Bloggn.
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"I was impressed with this app, and if you are a Tumblr user, I believe you will be too."
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Bloggn offers you a compact overview of your timeline, just like a Twitter app. If you so wish, you can filter for posts of a certain type or from a specific author, and if you happen to find something inspiring, you can follow blogs and like/re-blog posts, right from within the app.

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Bloggn fits any post to your screen, so no more zooming and scrolling on oversized websites. Photos and videos can be viewed in full screen and audio keeps playing in the background, even if you quit the app – just as it should be.

Create a Post

Post it!

With Bloggn, you can easily create all types of blog posts. Your iPhone is the perfect device to take photos, record videos and capture audio. Tumblr is the perfect place to share this media with the world and with our special bookmarklet, you can even create posts from within your mobile Safari app.

Social Integration

Share it!

Of course, you can like and re-blog posts.
But you can also share the stuff you like on Twitter, Facebook or via email and it doesn’t stop there - Bloggn connects to lots of other web services like Instapaper, Delicious and others.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

In Bloggn, you can setup as many Tumblr accounts as you like and use them simultaneously. For example, you can use your personal account and your company’s account...
Or your band’s...
Or your cat’s...

To sum it up: Bloggn is the most beautiful and powerful Tumblr client for iOS and it’s available on the App Store for just $0.99.

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